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Guillermo E. Ramos  DDS

Dr. Ramos has been my dentist since he opened his practice at Washington Family Dental in 2002. I have seen Dr. Ramos for routine checkups and more complicated procedures.

In every instance, I have been very satisfied with the work performed. He has taken time to explain each procedure and has made sure I was comfortable as the work was performed.

When I have needed emergency appointments, Dr. Ramos and his staff have promptly scheduled   appointments to resolve my issues. Dr. Ramos has earned my trust and respect . Based on my experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ramos and Washington Family Dental for your consideration.

By Ed Pietryk

I had the most amazing experience. The doctor was clear about my diagnosis and treatment was completely successful . In my last visit I received 3 root canals which were very complicated and they were done  just perfect.  Also had 3 crowns  which look and feel beautiful. I have been going to Dr.Ramos office for the past 7 years and like it. My teeth look  very nice, I am very happy.

 By Catalina Bauer 

The veneers and fillings I got have lasted exactly as long as they were supposed to. They did a good job putting them on . It is so refreshing to see a provider that you can tell truly cares about their appearance. They strive to maintain a professional appearance and look their best at all times. They gave me all the information I needed about the fees and payment plans before they schedule my treatment. I appreciated them giving me enough information to consider my options before paying for it. They paid close attention to me and all of my questions were answered.

I didn't experience any pain during my teeth cleaning. They are always  very careful and gentle.

By Michelle Thompson

I chose Dr. Ramos not only because he was my then fiance's dentist but also because he is one of the very few dentist's in this area who will accept military dental insurance. I have been with him for nearly ten years now and I am completely satisfied with his work. Not only has he repaired a pre-existing crown, but he has also reworked and enhanced pre-existing implant surgery that had deteriorated. Dr. Ramos is easily the most personable  professional I have experienced and I can certainly testify to his dedicated pursuit of knowledge and further education in the greater field of dentistry, implant  surgery and reconstruction , and pain management. He is highly valued as our family  dentist and always recommended. 

By BJ Williams


I have been a patient for several years. I have had some teeth pulled, and some crowns and implant. In all of my dealing with Dr. Ramos, I have been happy with his work.

Dr. Ramos has a great and great sense of humor, I will continue being one of his patients for a long time.

By Heber Belles.